Church Multiplication

Ben is the author of  Multiplication Moves: A field guide for churches  as well as Parent Church Landmines: Mistakes to Avoid and has over 15 years experience working with planting agencies and churches.   We are able to offer best practice consulting, training and coaching for the following applications:

a. Church multiplication teams and leaders seeking to increase their capacity and competency in church planting through systems development.

b.  Churches wanting to multiply their impact through church planting.

c. Church clusters seeking to collaborate in church planting.

d. Congregations seeking to add a new service to reach new people.

e. Utilization of MissionInsite demographic studies in new ministry development.

f. Equipping leaders in the style and strategies of multiplying leaders.


Multiplying Leader: X Values

Multiplying Leader: Leading Change

Multiplying Leader: Missional Incarnational Style

Multiplying Leader: Apostolic Gifting

Multiplying Leader: Disciplemaking Culture

Multiplying Leader: Developing People

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